JUKI New Sewing Machines
Industrial sewing machines built for manufacturing of commodities such as clothes, shoes, bags, sofas and so much more. 


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JUKI: 1-needle Lockstitch

1-needle Lockstitch Sewing Machines

JUKI: 2-needle Lockstitch

2-needle Lockstitch Sewing Machines

JUKI: Automatic Computer Controlled

Automatic Computer Controlled Machines

JUKI: Bartacking Machines

Bartacking Machines

JUKI: Button Sewing Machine

Button Sewing Machine

JUKI: Buttonholing Machines

Buttonholing Machines

JUKI: Chainstitch Machine

Chainstitch Machine

JUKI: Computer Controlled Cycle Machines

Computer Controlled Cycle Machines

JUKI: Long Arm Machines

Long Arm Machines

JUKI: Coverstitch Machine

Coverstitch Machine

JUKI: Cylinder Arm Machines

Cylinder Arm Machines

JUKI: Heavy Duty - Flatbed Machines

Heavy Duty - Flatbed Machines - Leather

JUKI: Heavy Duty EXTRA Heavy Weight Materials

Machines for Extra Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Weight Materials

JUKI: Overlock



JUKI: Post Bed Machines

Post Bed Machines

The most advanced sewing machine which is best-suited to the sewing of heavy weight materials such as car-seats, sofas and sporting goods.

JUKI: Shape Tacking

Shape Tacking Machines



Machines that are optimally suited for sewing zigzag patterns producing beautifully finished stitches at high speeds.

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