HIGHLEAD New Sewing Machines

Product range now includes over 300 models, sold via the Highlead network to over 60 countries.


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Highlead: 2-Needle Lockstitch

2-Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machines

Highlead: Chainstitch Machines

Chainstitch Machines

Highlead: Coverstitch Machines

Coverstitch Machines

Highlead Cylinder Arm Lockstitch

Cylinder Arm Lockstitch Machines

Highlead: Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Weight Materials

Machines for Extra Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Weight Materials

Highlead: Long Arm Machine

Long Arm Machine

Highlead: Overlock

Overlock/Safety Stitch Machine

Highlead: Post Bed Machines

Post Bed Machines

Highlead: Special Purpose Machines

Skiving Machine


Highlead: Zigzag

Zigzag machine

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